Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two more down...

On to two more Bottled Rainbow blocks :) The pink and basil green blocks- these ones are really fun!

Along with having a purse freak, well, um, make that 2 purse freaks, in my house, I also have one that LOVES shoes. The fancier and sparklier the shoe, the better! Oh yes! So the pink block, which is also a girl's favorite color, had to be adorned with the SHOE :). I didn't want to go sparkly, but fancy was great, so the shoe (a pump heel, of course) got a purtty little bow on top. I like it and love all the pink-ness in the block- it makes me smile!

Then the basil green block really makes me smile- another favorite- funny how it just happens that way... The boys in my house love cars of all kinds- beginning with Hot Wheels. So a race car had to be in the mix- it popped up in this block! I love how the camo turned out to be so perfect to highlight the car. It makes me giggle everytime I walk by it! And fondly think of wonderful memories!

Only 6 blocks left- gotta get back to sewing- appliquing two more today :)!! Yipee!

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