Saturday, May 21, 2011

And so begins another Vintage Love...

I thought I had my vintage love when I started collecting Pyrex several months ago. Then I kept seeing these marvelous vintage sheet quilts popping up all over Pinterest and blogland, and man, if I didn't fall again :)! I love the reuse, or do without saying, so finding and using vintage sheets is a wonderful idea to me. I have been looking when I go thrifting recently, and found these two- my first vintage sheets- yesterday!

I actually squealed over the pink and green strawberry sheet (then looked around to make sure no one heard me ;) )- it is just gorgeous in real life! I may wind up putting some fat quarters in my shop ( ) when I find some really pretty ones :). I also found this flowery aqua, lime, and yellow sheet. The design doesn't fill the sheet as much as I'd want usually, but the colors and print was too pretty to pass up!
This quilt:

is the main reason I caved! The lovely ladies over at Quilt Taffy ( are amazing and this vintage beauty, with some hot pink Henna Garden running through it, put me over the edge a few days ago. That was all it took to convince me that vintage sheets are now a definite MUST :)!

And the hunt is such fun :)---

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