Thursday, May 26, 2011

Red and School Bus Orange/Yellow Blocks

Ok, first off, why in the world is this Kona color called "School Bus"?? Huh?? It's orange people- and NOT the color of a school bus! Too funny- it makes me giggle every time I see it! I call it by it's offical name when I look at it- yes, I talk to my fabric, don't all "normal" people do that?! ha! So, on to the blocks, off with the tangent :)...

This Bottled Rainbows quilt is too fun! I love looking at all the beautiful blocks. They make me smile to see how many people can make so many different styles using the same idea. Sometimes I think I'm weird because mine are so different, but as I stated previously, I think outside the box and like to give things some flair. So here's my flair- a picture in every block :) And that's how I like them, so weird or not, it's me and what will mean a lot to me years down the road, when the kiddos are all grown and with their own families :).

The rich red block was easy- My littlest is obsessed with purses, so there had to be a purse somewhere, and red spoke to me! I love how this one worked out, with so many little fussy cut animals, and forest things. Another favorite!

The School Bus orange/yellow, whichever it is :), was fun too. I have a different little who loves rainbows. The quilt is right up his alley, as far as colors go, but I knew I had to throw a rainbow in for good measure, so here it is :). It was crazy cutting all these curved pieces, but oh so worth it! I love it too!

Now I have 6 done, and only 10 to go- faster, faster, faster! I wish my machine would sew double time! :) Dreaming...

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