Sunday, October 21, 2012

I can't resist...

A good contest where you mix and match fabrics :)  There is a wonderful one going on with fabrics from the wonderful shop of Sew Fresh Fabrics!  I had to jump in too---  Here's what I chose:
The fabrics are:

Essex Linen in Grey

Perfectly Perched---Chairs in Garden

Cotswold in Pink

Everything is Nice---Dots in Grey

Chicopee---Ladder Dot in Fuchsia

Outfoxed in Outplayed

Ta Dot in Orchid

Madrona Road---Haystack in Graphite

And I'm calling it--- "Twilight Garden"--- such fun!  Head over to play along :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Quilting for a Cause :)

As many of you know, Dyselxia lives at our house :) We are very involved with an amazing tutor and her center.  They are having a silent auction next week, in conjunction with a large conference, so I just had to do something :).  I told her I'd volunteer two items.  One will be a rosette necklace and the other I knew I would quilt.  I chose to make a wintery mini/wall hanging.  
It thought and thought about something that would last more months than just the holidays, and I adore snowmen, so JACKPOT!  I came up with the design out of my head and ran with it.  It's 14 inches square so it was perfect to try a few new quilting techniques:  pebbles (on the snow on the ground)
, zig zag and zig zag with swirls (on the hat), 
wavy lines (in the sky), spirals (in the eyes and button mouth),
large meandering (on the snowman body and stick arms).  
And I just couldn't resist some wooden heart shaped buttons for his belly :)  EEPPPPP!!
I also incorporated my love of embroidery with the Let it SNOW statement.  
I hope it helps the cause and brings in a good donation!  
 Only problem is, I wanna KEEP it :)!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

TA-DA!!! C'est Fini!

This is how it all started...
After four weeks of craziness, our little project is ready to roll!  It has been a labor of love and SOOOOO much fun!  I can't imagine a more perfect get away for our family, and we are so excited to go and do and see in our mobile beach house :)
 The fish net and flip flop lights is still a favorite part, and we LOVE how the aqua polka dot home decor fabric was a perfect match for the exterior and interior colors!  The bunk above the couch has an awesome circular the-dye home decor print covering that mattress!  Such fun!  Just makes you smile and take a relaxing breath!  LOVE it!
 The double layer of curtains was a definite must!  It would have been "ok" with just one or the other, but having both just sets it all off perfectly!
 And what's clamping without some chevrons??!  And a magnet board to boot!  And a hanging lantern sunshine- a beach must have some sunny days :)
 The kitchen orange was just what we wanted and our accessories added to the joy!
 The floor- VCT checkerboard- one of my favorite parts!  And I did it all by my little self- woohoo!
 Full length of the couch- so cozy!

 Fun all around :)
The sign was from the thrift store- we turned some arrows around, painted it, and made our "favorites" directional sign.  Then the beaded lamp jumped in my cart at Hobby Lobby yesterday!  It was too perfect- we had to go to 6 stores, literally, to find the special bulb for it though ;).  But it was the finishing touch to make us smile, with the purple lantern lights too!  What a great combo!  
For us, it's just what we wanted- now for some serious camping fun!  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Closer, closer...

The curtains are DONE!!  The orange canvas curtains are to help keep the light out in the wee hours of the morning :).  I added a turquoise ricrac and then a deep lime green embroidery and sequin ribbon as trims.  The hot pink rope are the tie-ups- I love curtains that tool up and tie!  So cute! 
 I made and embroidered this beach definition pillow!  It'll be fun on the couch- once there are cushions again :)
 The dinette side- I went a bit crazy with fish net and flip flop lights!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!    We love the top cotton curtains too- beach huts, boats, and perfect fun for our trailer!
 Lastly, the FLOOR!!  I scoured the internet for a good checkerboard floor!  You would never believe how hard it is to find!  All the adhesive tiles are junk and it is nearly impossible to find a better quality "tile" in black and white!  I thought it would be the easiest part, but proved to be the most challenging- just searching for the right thing!  I finally scored with Home Depot- believe it or not, this is commercial flooring, like in schools.  I applied the adhesive and then went to work putting down each tile and measuring and cutting the itty bitty pieces for the non-12 inch spots!  But I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out, even though it is not perfect!  It is heavy duty, durable, and it looks stinkin' cute, so I am happy! 
Now back to the sewing machine- upholstery in progress :)!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I haven't been taking too many pictures lately, but this is how the trailer looked at the end of last week...  once all the cabinetry was taken apart, painted, and everything put back together!
 Electrical is finally fixed- we have brake lights and all new border lights!  Woohoo hubby and family!  We also fixed a problem with the water tank.
 I have scrubbed and cleaned til my hands and back hurts :)  But everything is spotless- these pictures are before that, obviously!  The bench is fixed and now to start decorating, making curtains, install flooring, work on sink plumbing, rekey the outdoor compartment, and a few other things :).
We got brand new tires so we are getting so so so close!  I am so excited to get this finished up- upholstery fabric came yesterday, so another 12 hours of trailering today :)  More pictures to come soon!