Monday, May 30, 2011

Pacific and Dark Purple Blocks

More blocks done- gotta catch up the posts about them :). This time I would up with another block that has color pops- so sad that I didn't have enough of the Pacific color fabric. Guess that's a really good excuse for me to get some more blue- hehe! So on to the blocks--

The blue has a book hidden in it- it's a narrow, horizontal book. My kiddos still can't see it very well, but it was how the fabric worked best, so that's what it is! I like the color pops, even though the saturated blocks are fun. Now I have one to match my green- HA! I adore the castle peeps that is the cover of the book in this block- I had a dear friend send me some scraps, and I about passed out when I saw Castle Peeps in the box! WOW- it's my favorite print on the block!

Then the dark purple block has a flower in it- daisies are my favorite so it mimics them. I didn't have enough scraps of this color either, but I think it turned out well nonetheless :). It is so fun to watch the pile of done blocks accumulate and see the beautiful colors all together! Love it! They make me smile- I am itching to get them all done and pieced :) Then I have to figure out how to do the back- have some crazy fun ideas!!

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