Friday, May 20, 2011

Cutting through Butter!

One of the things that really urks me is my rotary cutter. The blade seems to be plenty sharp, but for some reason, no matter how hard I press down, the silly thing will not cut well. Even if I go over the fabric two or three times, I still wind up cutting parts with my scissors that just didn't get cut through all the way. URGH!! So my lovely mother- you should meet this lady, she is a saint!, I want to be like her when I grow up- gave me a NEW GINGHER rotary cutter for Mother's Day! Oh my heaven-ness :)! I adore my gingher scissors and have been debating about a new rotary cutter, but they just cost so much I have been holding off. So this was the best present that I could have gotten!

I got my first chance to use it yesterday and I just stood there in amazement after taking that first cut. I was speechless! I was giddy! I was just dumbfounded that for over a year I have been using my terrible, cheap, frustrating, time consuming cutter, and that after one single cut, I knew I was a new woman :) hehe! Not even one single thread needed a cut and it looked perfect. It seriously felt like a knife going through room temperature butter! Seriously, something so simple could have fixed all my stress and mutterings under my breath for the past how long?? ;) I really just stood there a moment, letting it soak in, and then just sighed and smiled a wonderful smile. I walked over, picked up my old cutter, and it found a lovely new home in the circular file :)! Such a delicious moment! I am never going back- yay for Gingher! And more yay for my mama!! I luv ya!! And now I love cutting fabric too ;)


  1. Um, how have I missed out on this??? I love gingers! Need to make a new list for birthday.

  2. I got my gingher cutter on a Thanksgiving special at JoAnn's. Keep an eye out for sales and use their 40% off coupons to buy the blades. I collect Gingher scissors but only have 1 Gingher Rotary Cutter and it happens to be a Black & White & Red one! I love my BWR cutter!