Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When I think about all things Handmade, I think of pride in your workmanship, I think of good quality, I think of feeling good about helping others in this big boxed world, and I think about inspiration. Where does inspiration come from?? All around, of course! And more importantly, from within. That's the best place to find it- we can all see, hear, touch, or feel the same thing, but we all take something different away from it. That's what is beautiful about life. Here are some things that have inspired my handmade thoughts this week...

This sign, in my sewing/crafting/living room is the first thing. It applies to so much in my life, but to me, creating handmade things is a journey- one that we can find joy in along the way!

The next is my bead boxes- I have them on a shelf in my closet and everytime I walk in, the colors and shapes and sparkles make me smile. I make jewelry as a hobby, this is where my inspiration for that begins- just seeing it all together...

Children are wonderful places to find inspiration- their heads are full of amazing, limitless ideas and every one is GOOD! To them, everything they make is a work of art, and I love that! I know a little boy that loves to make BOOKS! He writes about all sorts of ideas he gets, illustrates them, folds and staples them, and then you have the most glorious collection of books around! I am so happy to be able to have personally been told these stories by the author himself!

And lastly, I LOVE pinwheels, big time! I just designed and am selling what I call the Fly Away with Me necklace. It's oh so simple, but it reminds me to keep life that way too. And when I look at it, I'm inspired to create more things!

Handmade is a journey, full of joy, and always expanding! What a great thing to be part of!


  1. Yes! Handmade is certainly a journey, and one I love to travel. :)

    P.S. Love that pinwheel!

  2. My daughter has purchasedm any brightly colored pinwheels for her daughter's first birthday. Love them. The necklace is lovely.

  3. Your necklace is really beautifull, I love it.
    I agree with your view about inspiration ;) so many people so many away to create.
    Thanks for this inspiration moment.
    Have a good week-end.