Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I. Can. Hardly. Breathe!!!!  I'm in!!!
In what???  The swap of all swaps- the Doll Quilt Swap!  I could hardly believe it when I made the cut :)  WOW!!  I still feel like I'm walking around in a dream!  Ever since I saw Angela's "Where Bluebird's Fly" mini quilt years ago (second row, second from left), I knew I had found my niche!  I adore quilts that tell a story!  Did that special quilt ever tell a story!  She moved me and my inspiration soared!!  I have wanted to be in the swap for so long, and finally have my chance!!  Here is the mosaic I made to let my secret partner know what I love!  We find out our partners next week!!  I am counting down the days!!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Ca-utest Coin Purse E-V-E-R!!!

When I saw the darlingness that Madam Samm created out of her awesome brain, I just knew I had to be a part of it!!  Who could resist this darling coin purse, I ask you??  No one I know :)  Especially not ME!!  And when it was called the UR Priceless Blog Hop too- I just love a catchy title!  Miss Katherine was the head cheerleader for us and she is such a wonderful person!  I had my share of questions and she was so willing and happy to answer every single one, and quick too!  You don't beat that!  I had never attempted a frame purse and couldn't resist anymore!  I will say that it was a success!  I will definitely be making LOTS more of these beauties!
There is a seven day blog hop to celebrate the cuteness of this coin purse and the fun projects you can make with it!  I knew mine was destined for the new Heather Ross Nursery Versery fabric.  I love how it turned out!  The purples and pinks are just perfect!
 One of my very favorite parts is the the stitching that attaches the fabric to the purse frame- I love this part!  I stitched it with pink finca pearle cotton number 8- another first.  It was so wonderful to use and stitch with.  I just had to buy a few more colors while I was at it.  I also bought some pink pearls that I will be sewing down the seams also- just didn't get that part added in time for my "day"!  So many fun ideas swirling around in my little head!
 I lined the purse with a happy Kona color of my favorite shade- PINK!  
 This purse is tiny- the frame is 3" wide, to give you an idea.  Perfect for coins, or tiny hands, or just to carry chap stick around- perfect!!  The purse actually comes together very quickly and is explained wonderfully in the pattern and instructions.  As I said, this is my first frame coin purse and so I would encourage anyone to give it a try- with results as cute as this, it would be a shame not to!  And fussy cutting a cute front makes it all the more darling :)
Here are the wonderful bloggers who are sharing the first blog hop day with me!  Each of them are fabulous!  Head on over and share some love and check out their cute purses too!!  Such fun!--- 
Day 1 - Nov. 5th

If you would like to follow along each day, here is the list for the entire week long hop!! (HERE)

I had a marvelous time making this coin purse and so appreciate Madame Samm and Katherine for letting me participate in my first blog hop ever!  What fun and what a wonderful project!!  A fantastic gift idea for the holidays!  Have a sunny day, wherever you are and whatever the weather!