Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Blue and Tangerine Blocks...

I have been working like a mad woman to get these Bottled Rainbow blocks done- I really push for 2 a day because I know life will get in the way :). Sor far, I'm doing pretty ok, though. Here's the latest two...

The dark royal blue color- we are big mountain and skiing fans at our house, so it was destined to have some mountain ranges on it :) There are two ranges- it makes me smile to just look at them. I won't even ride a ski lift- too scared of heights :) but those that live in my house would stay at the resort 24 hours a day! Love it! So the mountains are perfect!

Another thing we are crazy about around here is biking- I even have a pink beach comber bike that I love to ride :) It is great to be together and be outside! And feel the wind in your helmet :) So the tangerine had to have a bike in it! Ta-da!

It's fun to figure out how to make a design and how to work around it. I really like how the blocks are turning out and think it will give it more of a "our family" feel. That's a good thing- just like sunshine, rainbows remind me of the joy during the rain :) LOVE!

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