Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pattern Testing

I love me some paper piecing!!  When I actually find some time- if you find any, let me know and I'll gladly pay you for it ;)- I want to design my own patterns!  Well, one of my friends designs her own patterns, and she is awesome!  She asked me to test one for her before we left on our hu-gun-gous camping trip.  She's Diane from Blank Pages and she has quite a few patterns available.  
The new pattern I tested was a Wonky log cabin block- a nice wonky feeling, but exactly perfect each time :).  Instead of rotating the block in each coordinate, I switched around some colors to give it a more symmetrical feel.  The blocks are large- 8" square each, so this set of 4 is 16" square- it will be perfect for a pillow on my bed ;).  
Here's how it turned out...
 (a shot of each corner- or block)

 and then all purtty in the sunshine :)
Fun, fun!  Thanks for letting me try out the new pattern, Diane.  It's a great one, and a very fast make!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Herbal Ice Cream??!!?

Ok, we found the most yummiest Mexican place around last week!  Oh my tastiness!  It is absolutely incredible!  It's in an industrial part of town so being a gourmet restaurant makes it pretty unique.  What a fun atmosphere and great feeling though!  I had a chili stuffed with all sorts of goodness- pork, nuts, sauce, more walnut sauce on top, then some pomegranate seeds to give it some zing :).  There was also some asparagus and spinach dyed cilantro rice- ouuuu, yumm!  I don't often splurge, but that night was an exception.  
The thing that surprised me was the dessert.  I had narrowed it down to two and couldn't decide so I asked the table next to us- they had tried several (it was a bigger group).  They said, hands down, what their favorite was, so we ordered that.  Why not be adventurous, especially since it sounded so unusual and wasn't even on our narrowed down list?!  :)  I didn't get a photo because it was gone so quickly! hehe!  Talk about wonderful!  Here's what it was...
A strawberry rolled cake with a cream filling, next to some cream sauce, and BASIL ice cream, yes, as in green basil!!!  It sounded so bizarre and wasn't too tasty alone, but mix a taste of each thing on the plate, and you had a mouthful of heaven!  Moral of the story- even though it may sound odd- if you are ever at a gourmet Mexican restaurant, in an industrial part of town, order the basil ice cream and strawberry cake for dessert.  You won't be disappointed!!  The end. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Donut Lady...

Yup, that's what I am this year :)  Probably the next few, actually.  My kiddos school as one day a month when the students can bring a parent, 30 minutes before school, have donuts, and read books together.  It's a great program and I am so excited that I get to be over the activity!  The past few years have been very dull and plain, but that's just not how I work!  So for the past few months, I have been scheming and planning and purchasing :).  
I got some of the most darling aqua gingham fabric to make a table cloth for the donut table I sit at :)  Think pinked edges- just darling!!  
I also found this printable online and enlarged it, covered it with felt that was close to the design, and will have the perfect welcome sign!  I love how 3-D felt makes things look.  The kiddos at school will love it too, I am sure!  

Then for me, I looked everywhere, online and in brick and mortar shops for donut fabric to make an apron.  Nothing spoke to me or had the colors I was going for!  So I bought a precious apron from Hobby Lobby, using the 40% off coupon of course, and designed my own "logo".  Then I pulled out my embroidery thread and got to work :).  I just ADORE how it turned out!!  The ruffle is so me, and the design is even more me!!!  
I also found some hot pink melamine trays at Hobby Lobby too, with coupons of course, to set up the donuts on.  
And then I needed something to give the kiddos that wouldn't be eaten in two seconds, and since they are reading with their parent, I thought of bookmarks.  I tried designing one, but without a great editing program on my computer, and not being able to figure out how to draw on the picmonkey program, I was not sure it would work.  Then I walked in Walmart a few days ago and saw a cart of school supplies on clearance.  Yup, the coolest bookmarks around, in packs of 25- hot dog :)!!  Buying the ton
I needed was still way cheaper than printing out my own- score! Now I just need an orange container for the bookmarks :). 
So beings my first year as "The Donut Lady"!  I am so excited and feel mostly ready to make this activity even more fun and looked forward to than it is :)  Ready or not, here I come!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back in the Saddle...

Well, after two and a half weeks of glorious, wonderful camping with my wild bunch- yes we love it!!- I am back around!  It was a blast- we went to six different areas of the West and even saw Mount Rushmore!!  It was such a great time away and such a terrific thing for our family!  Honest to goodness adventures and we love every minute of it :)  Here's a typical evening that we enjoy---
I'll be checking in soon with some projects I've been working on (before I left) :).  til then---