Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hoppy Day :) -Mini Bunny Tutorial

With Easter around the corner, I thought I would love to share my Mini Bunny tutorial so those of you that sew can make some bunnies for your sweet ones for the holiday. The pattern is easy, very easy- perfect for a half hour project or new beginner! The finished bunny is about 5" tall, not including his floppy ears :). Have fun and I'd love to see your finished pictures on Flickr!

Print out the pattern pieces. **Still working on getting my pdf file of the pattern pieces on my blog- feel free to email me if you need them sooner and I will email the file to you!** Cut them out and pin them onto your fabric choices. I use felt for the ears to make them quicker and more stiff than cotton. Cut out your pieces and remove the pattern pieces.

Take the ears, one by one, and fold them over themselves in the middle, to make a "Z". Pin in place.

Stitch both ears so the "Z" stays in place- this is the ear crease.

Zip zag stitch your ears onto the front of the bunny body. I sew mine on at the "11:00" and "1:00" positions :).
Put the body pieces right side together and pin all the way around.

Sew around the body, leaving an opening at the bottom about 1.5" inches.

Turn the bunny right side out. Iron it nice and pretty. Then you are ready to stuff :)

Stuff the bunny. Super complicated, but he/she's starting to look really cute about now :)

Hand stitch the bottom opening closed.
Draw the face details with a pencil and embroider the face on. I like to pull my floss through the back and catch it with the front material when I begin with a color so the end thread is not sticking out.
Almost done! Add any little embellishements to give it personality- I added a bow :) to this cute girl bunny!
Sew or hot glue a pom pom to make the bunny's cotton-ball tail.Then, ta-da!, your cute creation is ready to get some hugs!
Mini bunny is copyright 2011 by me :) Thanks!


  1. Very Cute, from one Candice to another!!

  2. Hi!!! I see this is an older post!!! But is is just adorable!!! Thank You!!!