Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello Pickles gettin' closer!

This quilt is on the year program :) hehe!  Here is some, lots, of progress!!!
See that wonderful stack- about 34 done- about 10 more :)  then ready to piece the top- woot woot!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The center of the Home...

I have always loved houses and house plans!  I have even drafted a few of my own.  Someday I would love to build a house.  I want to make a house quilt- just trying to figure out the perfect "take" on it for me and my style.  :)
When I think of the perfect house, to me, the KITCHEN would be in the center- literally!  That may sound weird, but let me explain...  That's where I spend 99% of my time- that's where our family chats- that's where stories are retold, laughter is always heard, and heartfelt love is shared.  If I could build my dream kitchen, it would be complete with fireplace and cozy chairs, window seats and couches.  There is a sign above my kitchen table that says "Come gather round our table."  That's what the kitchen is to us- where we are us, imperfections and all, and where we are truly loved, no matter what.  
I thought about this today as I read Debbie's daughter's story of her new lunch bag.  How good it is to sit, listen, and enjoy the meal- and having those you love around you is an added bonus.  I regularly read the Penzeys Spices catalog- love it!!
I received my latest copy yesterday and opened it today, in the midst of my musings about the central role of a kitchen, and almost did a double take at the inside of the cover...
Just perfect!  So I guess you could say, I want kindness to be the center of our home.  What a wonderful place the world would be if we could all take time to sit, visit, share some home cooked food, and just be loved around the kitchen table!  So no matter what room your kitchen table may be in, and whether or not it is close to the center point of your home, may it be the heart of your home each day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

SUMMER dreamin' - my tutorial is live :)

If you subscribe to the newsletter at my fabric online fabric store, The Intrepid Thread, you would have received the newsletter today!  My project "SUMMER dreamin' " wall hanging is in this issue :)  I am so excited to have the chance to do this- it was so fun designing an entire project!!  I will definitely be doing more of this!!  Head on over to sign up for the newsletter if you don't already receive it- there is a nice coupon code too for Miss Julie's shop too- just saying-  more fabric is always a good thing :)!!
Here's my project!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Clean again- well, it was clean, just not organized.  After all the projects I've been working on lately, you couldn't see my cutting table- and it's 3'x6' :)  hehe!!  But after yesterday, it's all empty and ready to go for the next round of busy-ness :)  Ouuuu, such fun getting everything ready for the next batch of projects!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I love the recipe idea that Debbie has- she calls it Tuesday at the Table, and this summer is focusing on a Picnic table- how fun!!!  I love great ideas that are tried and true.  And easy is good too!  This week the focus is desserts and I have a list of desserts that are just too good to not mention.  Southern Banana Pudding- oh yeah, Low sugar cheesecake, Fried Ice cream, and so many more.  But one is requested quite often at gatherings- My hubby's Aunt Vicky's Chocolate Trifle.  Talk about good for your soul- it's what I call soul food- actually, most chocolate is soul food to me :) hehe!!  The sad thing is, is that it never lasts long enough for me to get a picture, so you will just have to imagine the gorgeously, delicious layers!  Here it is:

You need:
your favorite chocolate cake mix
cool whip
instant chocolate pudding- I use 2 large packages
lots of Skor bars- I use about 6

Here's what ya do:
Cook the cake- let cool.
Make the chocolate pudding.
Crush the Skor bars in a bag.
Get out a clear glass or trifle bowl.  
Now here's the hard part- hehe!
1-pieces of chocolate cake
2-chocolate pudding
3-whip cream
4-Skor bar
 and layer 1-4 AGAIN.
Stand back and behold the prettiness, and imagine how yummy it will taste.  

Here's the catch- you MUST, and I REPEAT, M-U-S-T make this several hours (or even the day before is best) before eating so the flavors soak together and gets the cake mushy!!  Then you have some fine eatin'!

This recipe is enough alone to plan a picnic for- go ahead, it'll be great fun and great food :)

Sneaky Peeky...

I LOVE this- my total design- 100% me and my style!!!  The full tutorial coming soon.  It would be a good idea for you to sign up for the newsletter at http://intrepidthread.com- just sayin' :). 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pink and Navy

They were my wedding colors- before they were the rage :)  Love them too---

My soon to be Quilt...

I made a Farmer's Wife block out of these colors quite a while ago and just cannot stop looking at it.  I have just totally and completely fallen for this combo: aqua, orange, red, and yellow.  It will be my next quilt for sure- after I finish all the others that are already in progress :)  LOVE-

My favorite time of Day...

I can't explain how much I love the sunset!  No matter where I am in the world, I can always find something amazing about the sunset.  Another Kona challenge, over at Fluffy Sheep Quilting gave me a chance to celebrate that!  Just looking at it makes me go "AHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh..."    Have a great sunset tonight, wherever you are...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Summer Staple...

And memories of home!  What could be better than that?  Good food and good memories :).  
I grew up in the South and some of my favorite summer memories involve getting together with extended family.  This always included a meal in there somewhere.  Baked beans were sure to be included- indoors or out! I had not been able to get baked beans the way they were growing up until I got some help from my cousin, Brooke!  She is the genus behind this recipe, and it is a crowd stopper.  Sure to be a hit!  And man, does it smell de-lish when it's simmering :)!  
Here it is, one of those recipes you just have to shake in some of this and squirt in some of that, and just taste until it's right for you and your brood.  I am not one that does well without exact measurements, but this one somehow works.  And people, if I can do this one, you can too!  Ir's definitely worth the try, trust me :).

Begin with a few cans of BUSH'S Original Baked Beans- you can use whatever your favorite brand is, but from all I've tried, these are the bestest
Place beans in a crock pot (or pot on the stove- these simmer for several hours, so make sure if using the stove that you will be home long enough)
bbq sauce- again, your favorite brand and flavor- I use Famous Dave's Original
worcestershire sauce
garlic powder
brown sugar
onions- fresh or dried are ok
bacon- bits or cooked and crumbled, either one
and I heard a great tip yesterday too- molasses

Mix well and simmer for several hours- stir everyone in a while so it does not burn to the bottom of the pot, if using the stove version.

Once done, add to the other staples of summer and enjoy some good eaten'!

Linking up to Debbie's Summer Table :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wishing all of America a peaceful and quiet Fourth of July!  May freedom forever ring. More thanks than I can express for those who are brave so we can be free!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some new Vintage Goodness

I have had a stack of vintage pillowcases I needed to list in the shop but had not had a spare second.  I finally got them all listed this afternoon- there are sure some fun ones.  Here are a few of my recent favorites :)

I keep a select few for myself- I love having a unique and fun pillow to sleep on at night.  When I find ones like these, they just make me smile- there is something neat about vintage items.  Special, for sure!