Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yellow and Green Bottled Rainbows :)

I have had all 16 of my Bottled Rainbow colors ready to go for quite a while. I have just been unsure of how I wanted to piece the ticker tape fabrics in the middles- the middles turned out bigger than I thought they would ;). So I have been thinking and thinking about this...

I am an "outside the box" person- way outside, usually ;). And this time I wanted to have a twist on it too, but just didn't know what that was. So it took a little time. All of a sudden, last week, it hit me :)!! I knew what I was going to do. I would ticker tape a "picture" into each color rectangle- things that mean a lot to me and my family. It would make it tricker, I knew, but I also knew that once it was done, it would be well worth it!

So I started with the corn yellow because I knew I wanted a sunshine in it. Oh man, did it prove WAY more tedious than I thought it would be! Wow-sers! I have never fussy cut so much before- but oh, how I love that glue stick man! Wonderful Rachel ( was the first person I ever heard of using a glue stick before to keep your tiny crazy cut pieces in place, and let me tell you, it is sheer genius! I am hooked- good thing for Costco and bulk packages of glue sticks- I've already gone through 2 of them :) hehe! So I glued and then zig-zaged to my heart's content, and this is how it turned out (see the suinshine?!)---

I ADORE this block- I think it will wind up being my favorite- but I do have 15 more to make, so time will tell...

Then on to the grass green block. That one I decided to put a music note in, an eighth note, to be exact- cause they are my favorite to draw :). Good rationale, huh?! The fabrics I used seemed to have more pops os color once I got them in the positions I wanted. It didn't look that "busy" when I was setting it all out. But that's ok- I am a color person, and after all, it's a Rainbow quilt! I'm thinking I may try doing a few blocks with more color pops here and there to make it look intentional ;) I love the colors of green and how calming it is to me. Here it is once it's all tickered and squared up---

So today was a productive day- 2 of the Bottled Rainbow sections down, and a lot of other "life" things off my never-ending to do list too :) I should sleep well tonight. How was your day??

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  1. I love those two blocks but the sunshine looks amazing:) Way to go!!!!!
    Hope you have a great day and a sew happy weekend:)