Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spray Paint is NOT my friend

Some people swear by spray paint. I have used it a handful of times- once or twice it has worked for me, but more often than not, this is what happens.

I got this cute little bookshelf for the littlest's room. It was red- I thought it would look so cute with light pink polka dots on it. So I snagged some spray paint- cause it's supposed to be so easy, ya know?! hehe! I made a stencil so the circles would be the same, and waited for a nice day. Well, the spray, after 4 or 5 coats still didn't look right, it was oversprayed in parts, and just didn't "do" it for me. So I got the brillian idea to spray the whole inside to see if that looked better. I got three-fourths of the way through the inside and the paint ran out! HA! For real?! Go figure- now spray paint is not cheap, and I obviously do NOT know how to use it correctly. If I did, it would have turned out lovely, right?!

So I decided to go the old stnadby route and just paint the darn thing with a can! WOO-HOO! Now this I can do :)! So I grabbed some ballet pink and some red for dots and off I went, paint brush in hand! It turned out much better this time, and I am happy. And I can now stand for other people to see it too ;) hehe!

I think with small things, spray paint works for me, but with bigger stuff, uh, N-O! :) I am so much more a can person!

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