Saturday, October 29, 2011

Need to Buy some Time

If you know where I can get some, I'd be thrilled to hear! Actually, you could make a grundle too! I am sure people from miles around would like some too :) I am having fun listing things in the shop, but man, does it take forever! I haven't even had a chance to sew becuse it's eating my time for lunch and dinner.
I gotta get through this, then keeping it updated won't be too bad :)
Off to list more- wish me speedy fingers :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Up and Rolling!

Well, I am getting my FQs and pillowcases listed in Etsy, bit by bit :) The most time consuming part was editing the ba-zillion pictures. I know everybody loves doing that :). I am just not patient enough, I want it done yesterday! hehe!

The other thing that wore me out was lugging 5 stacks (well, make that 6 after my thrifting today :)) all this big or bigger up and down my stairs to the deck for the photo shoot! Gave my muscles a good work out! So that's a plus :) Almost as good as weight training, well, um, I'll count it as such :).

So the shop now has some of the many items listed. I am doing as few each day as I steal a few minutes away from the priorities of life :) There will be over 100 once I have them all up! Whew! Head on over and check out the pretties- I would love adding EACH of them to a quilt- what fun that would be!! Dreaming....

HERE'S THE SHOP LINK ( All things magical, ya know! And vintage is definitely magical!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

By The Seat of My Pants...

The only thing I had made for the Sewing Summit was my teensy quilt name badge :). The day before the Summit, I got a wild hair that convinced me that I *needed* a ca-ute cover for my note book. I wish time were no issue, but I got crazy and stayed up late getting my fun project done!! I used a tutorial from the lovely Vanessa over at as a guide while cutting the main pieces and sewing them together.

I knew I wanted some of my favorite fabrics and linen, of course! So I pulled some favorites and sewed strips, teeny little strips! Then I cut them all on an angle. That was the fun part :). I had no pattern, just a picutre in my head of what I wanted to make the cover look like. I cut linen and tried to get the meaurements to work out. They did, thankfully! It was a great lesson in improv and just working to make something how I wanted it, without knowing exactly how to do that. Such fun and ca-ute--ness!! By the seat of my pants, that's how I refer to improv! :)

After hours of working on the front, I went for a simple slant linen and fabric stripe on the back :). I still love it too though. And let me tell ya, it was much faster :) hehe! I added a yellow flower button for the embellishment that held it closed, and was completely happy with what I took notes in for the conference! It was very me, and as Amanda says, it qualifies as a mini quilt. Cool!

So I wound up with 2 things that I had made for the Sewing Summit- woohoo! HA! Love it. Just being there was enough for me :) But I do love still being able to use my cute notebook that reminds me of all I learned.

Celebrate Color

I'm entering this in Celebrate Color, 'cause that's what it is for me- a celebration of color! Go see the amazing things over there- just beautiful stuff!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I am REALLY big on them- I like to write, not type, and I like to have it all in front of me :) You should see the calendar on my desk- it looks like a huge scribble there is so much written on it- trying to keep up with our Zoo and all :) And it stays at home- too big to carry. That can be hard to schedule things when my brain is on my desk at home! HA! But following Joy's ( recommendation, I just got an Erin Condren planner at a steal! They are normally $50- that's outta my budget, but today you can get a $50 gift certificate for $25! You also get a $5 rebate for signing up at the plum district. And then, if you use the code FABULOUS, you get another 10% off!! Seriously!! Add it all up, well, actually, subtract it, and the planner is only $17.50!! Woot! And if you don't like planners, they have awesome call me cards, address labels, ideas for dads, and all sorts of fun things! My kinda place :) So if you want to hurry over and grab your cerfiticate, I've heard these go fast... Enjoy :)

Vintage Daydreams...

I wanted to make a vintage pillowcase and decided to go out of my "comfort zone" and not have ANY rules! Let me just tell you how hard that was, but it was oh so fun too :) I decided to use a rainbow of colors from the sheets I have and cut strips from each of them. Pink, orange, yellow, purple, blue, and green.
After the strips were cut, I sewed them together. Iron. Then I cut them all against the seams at varying widths, flipped some and sewed again. Iron again. Next I cut them again, but with the seams this time, again at varying widths. I sewed it together again. Iron.

Add a darling vintage sheet for the envelope back and ta-da! Here is my lovely pillow case. It was challenging to step outside of my norm, but it was very rewarding too. I am very much a "plan" person, so having no definite thought of what the finished product might be was a leap for me. I've been leaping lots lately in life, and it teaches you some good things. My vintage daydreams pillow reflects those leaps and how they always end up beautiful in the end :)

I am entering this in the Celebrate Color contest. Go check it out- there are some amazing creations over there. Mine's simple, but it's me. And vintage daydreams are always a good thing :)

Celebrate Color

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delighted, Seriously!!!

Yes, sir ree, bob!! I was able to be Delighted!, completely and wholey, this Wednesday! It was Amanda's ( Launch Party, and I got to help! It was a dream come true! These ladies felt like coming home to kindred spirits- they all wrapped their arms around me and took me in. I asked questions and they got to know me too. I told Miss Amanda my dream and she told me to "Do it!" Not an ounce of hesitation or doubt in her voice! I wish her voice was in my head- well, now it is! I have that memory, and it will stay strong! She is a marvelous example of following your dreams and making beautiful things that brighten the lives of so many!!
Every table and window seat was decorated to the hilt! If I could decorate my house this way, I'd be in heaven everyday! All these boys around here would pass out though- teehee! It was so very ME and so very gorgeous! I love her style, the way she makes things feel, and the vintage-y goodness that was there!

This was the old timey candy tables- real live pulled taffy, in colors matching Delighted!, of course!! :) Other treats, and even a wroght iron ferris wheel with little seat cushions made from different Delighted prints! Ouuuuuu!!!

This is the window seat I got to decorate! She told me to make a "picnic", so I did! The old soda bottles she found were the perfect addition to the basket, blanket, flowers, and Delighted!! We had just gotten everything set up when the sun started setting. The light came in the room like in this photo, and it was truly magical! The whole room was full of sunbeams and just glowed! Definitely pure inspiration!! :)

Another window of fun! Miss Amanda appliqued this pick up truck with her fabrics and I fell in love with it! Such stinkin' cute-ness :)

The room from one doorway- you can barely see the row of large pom poms we hung from the ceiling and had huge bows at each swag! It was perfect! I couldn't have imagined more fabulous decorations- It made the evening a dream! So many people came and visited and enjoyed! There were incredible foods, a photo booth :), make and takes that were beyond cute!, necklace designers, fabric giveaways, and so much more!! My Mama came with me- I told her she had to come and see what my fabric craze is about!! It was so fun to have her "see" what my quilting side is like :). Thank you Miss Amanda for letting me help- it was an honor and priviledge! I am grateful to call these ladies friends- and hope to hang with them much more in the future!! So, the moral of the story is, Delighted! Everything about this fabric is wonderful, starting with the lady who designed it!! Grab some up quick- and make something beautiful- it will make someone smile :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Vintage Breakdown

Yup, I am a complusive vintage sheet buyer! No other way to say it :) hehe!

I just had to grab a *few* more when I ran into a thrift store last night- to the tune of 3 pillowcases and a dozen, or so, sheets. I have finally decided to take a jump into the unknown and sell vintage FQs in my Etsy shoppe!

Oh how I love vintage, and as much as I would love to have a Riley Blake fabric shop, it's just not in the budget at the moment. I have a sewing "appliance" that I would go nuts to be able to purchase- so my shop will be my working goal in that direction!

I will be working today to get photos taken and hopefully start listing items in the next day or two!! Thanks for your support of my vintage "habit" and I hope to supply everyone with wonderful vintage yumminess!! Cheers!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Find of the YEAR!

It started off as a regular thriftin day for me- a few cardigans and then a couple of pretty yellow pillowcases :) I must say that these yellows were extra bright and I love daisies, so they were happy finds- but hang on...

Then I found a matching sheet and two others that were also very pretty. I tend to go more with the bright, happy colors, not the more dull or "browner" colors. It's just what I am drawn to naturally. They make for happy quilts though :)
But then, as I came down the last rack of sheets, I almost fell in the floor. I saw the brightest, happiest colors ever. I had to check the tag, just to verify that it was vintage- I could hardly believe my eyes! This is so ME!! And I would have never dreamed of a sheet so wonderful in a billion years! I can imagine the little girl who would have loved it years and years ago! It was just WOW!! As I was ouuuu-ing and ahhh-ing over it, my eyes glanced up and saw ANOTHER identical sheet a few down! OH MY GOODNESS! REALLY??!!?? What a day! I grabbed them both and almost ran to the checkout to make sure no one swiped them out of my cart! :) I played it cool and casually walked to the checkout, but as I left the store I was humming a happy tune :)!! Here's one of them haning on my deck (that's half of it).

Here's some close-ups so you can see all the amazing details! It's seriously incredible! Maybe it's just me, but I am soooooooooo excited to cut up the big "scenes" and make the most slendifierous quilt from these! Oh, I can hardly wait (they are washing right now)!

A darling red head and her sweet purple deer- bunny and butterfly on the sidelines :) And love the koala in the tree :)

Look at all these animals!! EEEPPPPPP!! And even a couple of mushrooms too :) I still can't believe how cool it is- oh, the story it will tell in a quilt :)

Then this precious little boy blue and little girl- more animals (a snail even!)! The cuteness is killing me :) So fun! Carrots for the bunny too- even a turtle! A bird, clowers, racoon, and more!!

The trees, plants, the big deer, oh wow! The bluebird- just everything is so darn cute!

And lastly, this sweet little girl- she almost reminds me of Holly Hobby :) Love the frog behind her- sitting on his toadstool- see, cuteness all around!

Maybe I'm nuts, and that's ok, but I think this is my find of the year! It made my day and I am so excited to tell such a fun story with this print! What fun!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Swag :)

Another really fun part of the Sewing Summit was all the goodies we got! There are so many different products and things I have wanted to try out that I haven't had a chance to yet, and now I get to!! Yipee Skipee :) How fun is that! This is the things that I got in my Swag bag- thanks to all the amazing sponsors that made these goodies ours :)
Then this is what I bought- it was all discounted really nicely :) That made it so much more fun! I am excited to cut into these lovely pieces and make some fun things!! Fabric Yumminess!

As previously stated, it was a great few days, for many reasons! And learning things makes it all the better :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sewing Summit Part 2

Two posts are just not enough, I may need more :) hehe!! I wanted to start with some DEAR friends I made! I didn't get a picture myself, so I had to swipe it from Kaelin. It's amazing how there are just some people that you feel like you've known them forever. This happened quite a few times this weekend! Such amazing ladies :)

This is one of those sewing heroes of mine that I couldn't believe I actually got to meet! It's Miss Jeni from! Wow- I had to pinch myself :). I got to go to her class too- The Art of Choosing Color! It was a great class and she was like Santa Claus to me- let me tell you why... I keep a Christmas Wish List of everyone in my house. I always stick a very few things on for myself just in case hubby *needs* ideas. :) The top thing on my list for this year is a Kona Color Card. It has been on my list since the beginning of the year. I just couldn't swallow getting one- too many other things we needed more :). Well, at the end of Jeni's class, she thanked us all for coming and she also thanked Robert Kaufman. We were all a bit confused and then she said that without them, we wouldn't have so many amazing colors to take home. Before she got to the end of the sentence, I had figured it out. I even whispered to myself, "If she gives us a Kona Color Card, I think I'll freak!" And ya know what?? She pulled out a handful of Kona Color Cards from a huge box and started passing them out. I almost passed out!! I had to get a picture with her and tell her she was my Santa! She's so sweet! Thank you again, Jeni!!!
This is one of my top 3 all-time mini quilts, and I got to see it in REAL LIFE! Swoon :) Wow- and what's even better is that I got to take a class from the lady who made it :)

This is Miss Amanda (! She is incredible and not to mention, just an incredibly happy and positive person! You can't help but smile around her! She taught the class on Marvelous Minis. I have never made a mini- besides a mug rug and my name tag- well, I guess I've made 2- so I was really excited for her thoughts also. It was a great class. I love making full quilts, but there is only so much space to display and showcase them. I really like the mini idea for some of the crazy designs I would like to try but don't have a million years to invest for making a queen size (which is what my quilts normally are :)). She is also one of the two driving forces behind the hit Farmer's Wife! At this point, my Farmer's Wife will have to be a mini :)- hehe- no, I am doing it all, it may take me a L.O.N.G time, but I will work it into everything else :). It was so amazing to be in her class too! Wow!

There were so many moments that seemed unreal for me! So many friends I met and became "real" friends with, and som many wonderful ladies that inspired me and taught me just by what they said! It was an amazing three days- I will definitely be there next year! So much to try and do-- I can hardly wait :)!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yup. 6 loads. SO. FAR. Yeah. Still going! At. least. 3. more. That's what happens when you play at the Sewing Summit all weekend :) How many pairs of clothes did they wear each day while I was gone?? :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Can I Say???!!???

You know those times when you just can't think of words to describe something?? Well, that's how I feel about this past weekend! It almost seems like a dream, but I have the swag to prove it :). So it MUST have been real- oh yes, and some pictures prove it too. See, not a dream! :) hehe!

The sewing classroom- over 50 machines where we all sewed- just gave you goosebumps looking at it all in one spot :)

This past Thursday through Saturday was THE SEWING SUMMIT for me! Oh my wow! Just like I said, what can I say??! It was incredible!! I was soooooooo super nervous but was amazed at how beyond nice everyone was! It was surreal, walking around in the midst of these amazing ladies who know so much, challenge me to learn more, and have such sweet personalities! I was actually able to meet every single person on my "I can't believe I get to meet them" list! And what's more than that is that now I call many of them my friends!! Dear, wonderful friends! That alone would have been enough to make this weekend worth it, but there was oh so much more!

When you share a love of fabric and the creations that can come with it, magical things happen. States and countries melt away, colors blend, and we all become one. From the meals where we visited to the classes where we learned to the late night laughing, it was packed with memories. I went not knowing anyone and came home having tons of friends, knowing so much more about what I love- sewing, and just having such a great feeling about the support and community that quilting is!

Me and Allison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew- oh wow!! And below is one of her free motion quilts- I only free motion quilt and LOVED this class! She's incredible- so much to learn from her!!

It was one of those weekends that has changed how I look at sewing- Miss Amanda ( I'll be posting more about her class in the next few days too) made the comment that we can do anything!! I always knew that I could do whatever I set my mind to, but hearing her say it with such amazing conviction and excitement drove it home for me! My project list was huge before I went, but now it has been added to with things that will stetch me even more and make more sunshine in the process!!

So what else can I say??!!?? I was perfect- just what I needed to make me feel what I have wanted to be, an "official" quilter! More to come...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Off I go!

The Sewing Summit or BUST!! :)

I have been so excited for this for over 8 months now!! I can hardly believe it's here. I have my stack of things to take, my schedule of "extra-curricular activites", and hopefully a Google doc bookmark in my iphone to help me figure out what I'm doing once I get there :). I am scared, hoping that all these amazing people I know will soon be called my friends. I am nervous because I don't know if I know enough to be in their ballparks! I am giddy to meet these amazing crafters. I am thrilled to attend the classes and learn from these people! I am looking forward to visitng and talking and dining with these lovely ladies! I hope to come home knowing so much more and full of insight and ways to put things into action that are buzzing around in my head :). I heart sewing and creating and this will be the ultimate experience, in my mind! What a way to spend a few days- surrounded by inspiration, enthusiasm, ideas, and dear friends :). Gotta make one last thing- a notebook cover, then I'll be ready! So Fun, ready or not, here I come! I am from the South, so I hope these ladies like hugs!!