Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Rainbow...

I was so excited to participate in my very first swap recently!! Miss Jennifer over at hosted the second Rainbow Charm Swap (I barely missed the cut on the first one). But that was ok, because there were double the people in the second and I wound up with 112 charms- woot! woot!! I waited patiently for my charms to arrive. I had been assigned purple- I went with one of the new Lizzie House prints and a classic print too. Cutting the yards into charms was good until my ruler slipped (I *need* a non-slip 6x24 ruler!!) and I messed up the last 4 charms. So off to the computer I went to order more fabric. I had a good excuse to order a few other things, to help with shipping of course :) hehe!!

These came in the mail Monday- squeal!! I am so debating what to make with them. Trying to decide if I want to follow a pattern or just go with my own thing. Hmmmm.... Either way, I know it will be lovely! How could it not be with such a marvelous rainbow??!! So looking forward to more swaps!

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