Monday, September 12, 2011

Giant Vintage Star Quilt Begins

After weeks of debating and getting more and more sheets to find just the rigth one, I finally decided. If you have ever been in a LQS with me, you know I have SUCH a hard time when surrounded by lots of great options! And obviously, the vintage sheets were no different. But, it is done, and I am thrilled with the choices :) Yipee Skipee! Now to cut into them and get sewing!! That's the fun part :).

These are the color sets- I'm going with 16 different sheets for the design. I love the look and tone of the sheets.

Then the bottom sheet will be the backing and this top purple sheet will be the background "fabric". I love how vivid those small purple roses are. I'm not usually a purple person, but I adore this sheet! I almost used it for my bed, but it had a tiny hole in it, so it will be cut up :). It is lovely, nonetheless! I debated between the purple and yellow, but I am 99.9% sure the purple has won! Ahhh, so happy, can hardly wait to cuddle under this one :) Perfectly soft and cozy! And it reminds me of my Grandma- doesn't get better than that.

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  1. Where-oh-where-oh-where did you find all of these???? We MUST go shopping together! Seriously.