Saturday, September 24, 2011

Goodie Bag Swap, I hope, I HOPE!!!

1. Mais duas novas bolsas "Casa", 2. Little Red Riding Hood, 3. LynneBobSquarePants, 4. Pretty Little Pouch finished!, 5. sew cherry by lori holt, 6. Chaises rangées, 7. Fresh Lemons Spools, 8. Starry Path, 9. Mod Bento Box for swap, 10. Winter Rainbow Closeup, 11. vintage spools!, 12. pillow talk swap round 4 ~ double wedding ring!, 13. projects all together!!, 14. little red riding hood~ sweetly sitting on a spool!, 15. Polka Dot Flats, 16. P1180692, 17. Russian Sweetie, 18. P1170494, 19. P1160793-1, 20. P1190240, 21. P1180724, 22. Hideaway Pillow Pattern for Moda's Blog Hop, 23. Style Stitches Teardrop Bag, 24. My Market Bag, 25. Jane Market Tote 2, 26. Streets Tote, 27. Turquoise Grid market tote, 28. Handmade Bags, 29. Shinzi Mushroom Tote, 30. frenchy handbag

Woot-WOOT!! Lookie, I am hoping to be in my first swap! The signups start on Wednesday and I am hoping and crossing everything that I get a spot! It's the Goody Bag Swap and is hosted by two amazing Peeps of mine :)! I am a bit nervous (understatement of the year) and anxious, but oh so excited to make something fun and lovely for someone else! It will be so fun! I love getting creative and coming up with surprises! It makes me smile! I got my mosaic done so that I can have it ready when I get in the group- talking positively here, right?! This conglomoration of stuff makes me grin and I love it all!!

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  1. What a great mosaic! Everything is totally great! Good luck! I sure hope you get in!!