Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Palettes

Miss Lynne over at Lily's Quilts ( has been making me drool lately with her color palette talk! She's doing a Dead Simple Quilt Along which I would love to join and am having a hard time restraining myself! I love colors and the feelings/memories that go along with them. But I must get some of these other quilt tops completed first- and I have a few other projects in the works too :)!! I have, however, been following along with all the wonderful tips and hints for color palette picking. I really like looking at ideas and picking colors that are out of my "comfort zone"- i.e. pink and red, cutesie! I have yet to make a pink and red cutesie quilt though, funny, huh?! Anyway, I have looked at the palette sites and saw a couple that I liked but nothing really struck me.
Then I was getting in bed and noticed the pile of Kona fabric that needed folding on my comic book board folding system, and the palette HIT me!! I had gotten the fabrics a few days before just to refill my stock and add a few more colors- I loved the Pear and Sour Apple! And another new favorite is Papaya! Yum! Sound as good as they look :)! Then the Aqua and Turqouise threw me for a loop, they are so close in color, just a shade different! (Orange and Tangerine are in there too). So, after glancing over at them randomly placed, I sighed and knew I was on to something! I don't know when I'll be making a quilt from this- wonder if there is another Kona Solid Challenge coming up in the future?? But I love the feel of these colors together- gotta find some prints with these bold colors too- ouuu, yummy! What do you think??

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