Friday, September 30, 2011

I LOVE thrifting :)

I had my weekly thrift store excursion today- it's just one store, but I love it :) I found such cute stuff! It is always something different, and that's the fun of it! Today I found some darling red shoes, these 4 sheets (I love the beautiful yellows), 5 cardigans- I have gone crazy for cardigans!, and a few odds and ends. Such fun, such fun! I love the surprise of it all and how when I use my 20% off my entire purchase coupon, I get an even bigger bargain :) Sa-weet! I love hunting for good deals! That's why I guess I am a thrifter at heart <3. Good day, good night- sweet dreams all!

And yes, I snuck in 5 other sheets from earlier this week (I made an exception and went thrifting twice this week!). Isn't that top bright aqua flower sheet perfect?! Eeeppppp! What else can you do when you feel cruddy from a sinus infection- thrifting therapy always helps :) ?? Yup, I feel much better now :)!!

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