Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warm Cool Quilt Top COMPLETE!!!

The Warm Cool Quilt top is finally complete!! I am sooooo lovin' this quilt! It is aqua and orange- a favorite combo of mine, and I am taken with it. The little one I made it for REALLY likes it too. I put some fabrics in that are really fun and really make me smile! The little one decided on the centered diamond pattern, so that is what I did. The pinning took for-ev-er, but it is so worth it to have all those corners meet up so neat and nice. I wanna get some glass head pins, as I have heard they pin so much easier. Just got some Joann's coupons in the mail, so I know what will be on the list :). Now we have to figure out fabric for the back and I can get this one sandwiched :) Yummy! Here's to a happy quilt top!! Yipee!


  1. That is GORGEOUS!

    Yes, glass head pins are a worthy investment! I was pointed to them years ago by an avid sewer. She said I should get some...I did and I'll never buy anything else again!

    Have fun shopping!

  2. So beautiful! It looks fantastic!