Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Teensiest Quilt Yet!

It started with this...

And a day later turned into this...

Yes, it is an actual quilt- binding and all. I measures 3.75"x4.5". I came out a touch bigger than I wanted, but close enough :) Not only is it the teensiest quilt I ever made, it is also my handmade name badge for The Sewing Summit!!

There is only a week and a half left, people! I am so excited, I hardly know what to do! I keep pinching myself- ouch- but it's real! I get to go! One of those surreal things in life. I feel like the little kid on a big block, but people don't get nicer than quilters, so I am sure I will have TONS of new friends by the time it is over :).

I wanted lots of different mediums and techniques on my badge, so I went for everything I knew how (and a few new things too) to do! I started with the arc. I have NEVER paper pieced in my life, much less drawn a design to piece. But using Miss Kaelin's incredible instructions (over at www.theplaidscottie.com), I drew and paper pieced my own arc! Step 1- check! From there I added the white pieces and then the fun began. I sandwiched and quilted as I went. This is a fabulous method, especially for something this tiny. I added the yellow and orange yellow felt sun. Then the bunting and hand embroidering the bunting rope and name. Then the binding. Picking out the fabric for that was quite an accomplishment, in and of itself. I wanted something bold (and not being too bold for 3.75"x4.5" is pretty tricky), not too busy, and with all "my" colors. Finally found the perfect print! Then came not liking the way handstitching looked for my blog name, so I fiddled some more and came up with some pinked yellow fabric, with machine drawn title. LOVE! Appliqued that on, and VOILA!! I LOVE it- very "ME", very cute, and I have my handmade something to take to The Sewing Summit :).

Now just to decide if I want to attach it with a pin or with the cutest tiny silver ball chain and wear it like a necklace- I'm thinking the chain! Here's for teensy quilts!

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  1. Candice, it was great to meet you at the Sewing Summit, and to see your adorable nametag! ♥ it! See you in cyberspace!