Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vintage Star Top DONE :) LOVE!!

I spent the late evening cutting up sheets. That was the hard part! It was fun to watch the pieces get smaller and more manageable though. I decided to go with a 22" square, a bit larger than Jeni's, just so the finished quilt would be a bit bigger. I am all for big blankets- more to wrap around me to keep warm in winter :) hehe! And the sheets are so soft, who could resist a little extra surface area :) There's my math background coming in!

So I cut, arranged, and sewed until the whole thing was pieced. Then rows came next and ta-da, you have a quilt top all ready to go!! I have a perfect sheet to go on the back, so once I get my sandwich made, it's time to quilt! I am so excited to have such a soft sheet. Vintage sheets are dreamy that way...


  1. Very nice! Love the big-block theory! :-)

  2. this is so lovely! i remember seeing jeni's version a while back and pinning it. you've inspired me...

  3. Love your Starflower quilt - I have made a couple of these too but they don't look quite as nice as yours in the vintage sheets:)