Monday, September 26, 2011

It's NOT mine- sort of :)

See this pile of goodies???? Oh, it just makes me giggle! This came to my door from the amazing people at Riley Blake last week! I have been ooouuuuuu-ing and aaaahhhhh-ing over it the past few days. But it's not mine, well sort of... Let me explain.

Those great afore-mentioned people at Riley Blake have a part of their website that is called Cutting Corners. The fun thing about it is that every so often they have a new teacher, or Course Instructor, give a handmade tutorial using their products. Their fabrics are my favorite! I would sooooo open a shop with their lines, if I only had about $30,000 to buy just part of the bolts I wanted for my shop :) hehe! Seriously, I would love to sell their amazing products- those crochet flowers up there are at the top of my accessories list too- eepppp! Sorry, tangent! Anyway...

I get to be a Course Instructor for the Cutting Corner in November. What I am making will include some of each of the items in the photo above- they wanted me to have a good selection of Delighted, so they sent me the entire line!! W-O-W!! I am just giddy! This is gonna be the cutest __________ and _________ ever!!! You will have to wait til November to see what it is!

Then I also get to go to the Launch Party for Delighted in October and meet the incredible Amanda herself- I am just star struck!! I keep pinching myself!! Wow! For real!!

The BEST PART about the whole thing is that once I use my little bit of things from this lovely, amazing, gorgeous, fun stack, the rest will be a GIVEAWAY on this here cozy blog of mine!!!! Yes, that's what I said- most of that above loveliness will be some lucky person's! I am so excited for the project I'm doing and for the GIVEAWAY!!! Hip, hip, horray for a GIVEAWAY!! So be watching in the next couple of months for a wonderful treat!


  1. Awe, that's so exciting! =) Can't wait to see what you make.

  2. That is so awesome! I know just how you feel! That's how I feel when Amanda sends me a fat quarter pack like that. It really makes you feel pampered. Can't wait to see your tutorial!