Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At Our House

Dyslexia is a guest at our house. He runs, plays, sleeps, eats and drinks with us. He studies, writes, draws and colors with us. He giggles, laughs, and cries with us. Most days he’s welcome, some days he’s not. He has challenged us and tried us, past our limits, at times, we thought. But always, he seems to point out a strength we did not know was there. We have argued with him and tried to be logical, but he would not have it so. He is an out-of-the box, unpredictable, creative kind of guy that likes to teach us bit by bit. Not a day goes by that we don’t learn something from him, and usually quite a lot! We have found things that make him more comfortable here and help us along our way. Each step is a process, a part of a memory that we want to cherish. To some, he is a monster, to us, he is a friend. You see, we understand him, so he has blessed us with a gift greater than we could imagine, if we just reach in to take hold of it.

Two of our boys have been blessed with this gift. Through all of their frustration, and their Mom’s fighting for them, one thing remains constant. They are incredible! They have minds that few could compete with, they have hearts more precious than gold, they have morals stronger than Superman, and they have an insight that is deeper than the sea. And they have more patience than Mom can imagine. They learn from their “limitations” and make something better out of the situation. They teach others around them not to judge by a word. They help others that need it, just because they have been there. They lift and empower, they smile and share, they love and forgive better than most because of this gift. I am humbled by the boys they are. I hope to be the kind of person they both are someday. They are better than me, and it is with awe that I am their Mother. I don’t know how I was worthy enough to be given this gift, and twice, but they teach me more than they will ever know.

If we could only all see the gift in others and realize what we can learn. Learning is not all letters and words, it’s not a specific process or pattern, it’s not a multiple choice or even an essay response. It’s more than paper can show. Genius is not defined by a pen. It is in the soul. At least it is in the souls of those I know that have this gift. For sure it is in the souls of those that reside at our house!

I long to hold them close every day, but growing up doesn’t allow that. It means letting go, and in the world of criticism and misunderstanding, that is hard for a mama. But I relax my grip a bit each day, only to tighten my faith and prayers in their behalf. I know this gift will teach them to compensate and become more than they dream they can be. It is a path with stumbles and hills, but beautiful sights on each side. I am thankful they let me walk with them. The views they see are more grand and spectacular than my “normal” path, any day!

Our front door mat says “Welcome” and this guest took it to heart. He made himself at home, and that has made us who we are! It is hard, but it is oh so good. We wouldn’t trade our guest for another- he has taught us what it means to truly live!

One out of five people have this guest in their home. Where is it in yours? Find it and you find your greatest treasure!


  1. Holy cow, I needed this today. I sooooo needed this today. Thank you. xoxo.

  2. Just that you can embrace this sometimes unwelcome visitor speaks volumes about your heart. Your children are learning from the best.