Thursday, August 11, 2011

I couldn't resist...

Seriously, I am up to my ears in quilting projects at the moment with some bags and purses I would like to try my hand at also, but when I see something that's this cute, I can't resist :). That's what happened when I saw the Billboard quilt along over at Yup, sign me up, I'm in! HA!! The hard part was figuring out what to say...

I am a stresser and worrier by nature- it is part of me, but I have made huge strides in the past couple of years to sit back and enjoy life more. One of the things I started saying years ago was, "It's ALL good!" It stuck and the entire family seems to say it now. It reminds me that life is good- even when I'm stressed, that there is a blessing in everything that happens, and that there is One who is holding me up at all times. That I am forever grateful for! So that had to be the saying I used.

I wound up using different letter widths on each line to get the proportions the way they were in my head. I also wound up using a different "font" for each line too. It has to look the way we say it :), right?! hehe! And the color system will be a little unique too- just like us!

The quilt will be approx. 80"x70"- just perfect for cuddling :) By the way, that was the other saying I contemplated too- "Quilts are for Cuddling"- so true, but the other one quickly won! I'll be using a soft Kona yellow for the background.
I am more than excited to cut and piece this fun quilt- so add this one to the list too! There ya go- 9 in process :) Woohoo!

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