Friday, August 26, 2011

Thrifting Jackpot!!

Woohoo- I found a thifting goldmine today! Well, it was actually in the same store I always shop in, but today was extraordinary-I found vintage sheet city! It was so exciting I was skipping down the aisles :) I get seriously giddy when I find good deals and I had a 20% off coupon for the entire purchase, so it was a happy moment indeed! I wound up with 15 sheets and 6 pillowcases, in prints of the sheets mostly. WOW!! I couldn't believe it :).
I have been wanting to make Jeni's Giant Vintage Star Quilt (over at but needed some purple. I thought about ordering some from her shop but told myself I would check my thrift shop today- they have NEVER had a purple sheet since I have been collecting. There were 3 today- count them, 3!!!! Deep purple stripes, tiny lavendar rose buds, and the medium purple heart rope looking one. I was in shock. I was grabbing sheets right and left- I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough. You would have thought I'd won a shopping spree!
With my current stash and now these, my storage space will be quickly depleted, so I may wind up selling some fat quarters in my shop. I'll see what happens over the next few weeks. And how good I can cram them in my closet :) hehe! They are in the washer right now and I can hardly stand it, waiting to add them to my collection. I never thought old sheets would be so fun- don't start, it's addicting. It makes me nostalgic and think of the dear people that have gone before me. I get to sort them all tonight and play with colors- I think I will have enough to tackle the giant star quilt of Jeni's!! Yipee skipee!! Can you tell I can hardly wait??!!?? :) Off to fold sheets...


  1. They're just lovely!!! woot!! woot!!! for great thrifting:) You're so lucky, we don't have such thrift stores here in Greece :(
    oohhh this is going to be amazing, your giant vintage star quilt:) Can't wait!!
    Hope you have a great folding/cutting/sewing weekend:D

  2. beautiful!! i have a passion for vintage sheets. i wish i could sew well enough to make a quilt...but i don't lol! but they sure still look pretty on my bed :)

  3. Wow,that was quite some find! Discount vouchers for a thrift shop??