Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kermit's Path starts to look like a path :)

Miss Angela, over at, has dubbed my version of her Zig Zag Quilt Along, Kermit's Path. And it finally started looking like a path yesterday! :) Yipee! I spent most of the day, that wasn't filled with kiddos and family, ironing, sewing, and ironing more :) I wound up with 20 "paths" of the same fabrics and 8 "paths" with different fabrics on either side of my Kona Basil. I worked out a really cute layout for it and am itching to see it laid out. BUT we gotta make cuts first and sew and iron more before the laying-it-out stage hits :) I'm trying so hard to be patient! Working on my other bazillion projects should keep me busy- HA!! Here's a few of my favorite "paths" to give you an idea of the Basil- I think I am gonna just go ga-ga over how it looks all put together! I am soooo going to love the darker backgroud :)

I have also been working on my folding- another one of Angela's amazing tutorials! It is easy, I just am really slow. I don't know why but I am not too lickety-split at it :) As long as it looks lovely like this, I am good :). Look at that Kona rainbow--Drool!!


  1. Your folded fabrics are gorgeous!

  2. Hi Candice! I saw your reply to the Sewing Summit, and decided to check out your blog. Love it! So cute! Looking forward to meeting you in person!