Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My list of projects just exponentially increased :)

I went from almost finishing up my last project to having a huge list pop up overnight! All these quilt alongs that will be so fun, and a few that are already finished- poo- that I want to do still!
I got my Bottled Rainbows all sewed together- now I just have to be patient for the mail lady to bring my fabric border (using Kona ash), backing (Ann Kelle Remix argyle and Henry Glass rainbow crayon stipe) to get those on. I think I'm gonna use my Kona solids as a binding :) So excited to see this one all put together!

So I was browsing the blogs I love, obviously a little too much lately, looking for my next project, and wound up with SIX, yes, SIX! Is that too many?? Oops! Oh well, I'm jumping in with both feet! These quilt alongs are all just starting (well, 4 of them are qal's) and I want to follow along! I figure it will be a great way to learn new techniques and broaden my horizons :) very quickly. hehe! So here's what I'm tackling- all at once---

http://incolororder.blogspot.com/search/label/Warm%20Cool%20Quilt%20Along This is Jeni's warm cool value quilt along- I've made my schnazzy mug rug like this and love it so much, that an entire quilt is definitley a must! I am thinking just orange and aqua for this one- that would mark 2 things off my want to make list at the same time :)

Next is http://sweetbeebuzzings.blogspot.com/ tote bag quilt along. I have never made a bag before and this one looks really cute and functional, so I'm going for it! Broaden those horizons, right?!

Then the Zig Zag quilt over at http://cuttopieces.blogspot.com/ . Miss Angela is wonderful and the pattern she created is just lovely- I'm thinking shade of green for this one!

The last "official" qal is over at http://sewnbyleila.blogspot.com/ . It's the We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler quilt- I've never made a sampler quilt either, so it should be a lot of fun! Still trying to decide on colors for this!

Then a qal I just missed was the Supernova over at http://freshlypieced.blogspot.com/ . Another beautiful quilt that I will be making in colors of the Sunset- deep purple, red, orange, yellow, deep pink, and some deep aqua/teal thrown in. So excited about this one- getting fabric for it first. It will be my first half-flying gesse square quilt! Soooo fun!

And lastly, another dear blogger, Karen of http://feistyeily.blogspot.com/ , created a pattern that has just been calling my name- she named it Hello Pickles, and I am sooooo thrilled to be able to make this one too! I'm going to be making it in pink, orange, aqua, and green- thinking the new line from Lecien called Happy Mochi Yum Yum- gotta wait a month for it to come out! Ugh- patience, I know!

So there's my list- my fabric budget just got shot! :) hehe! But I am making one of these for each of the kiddos so it gives me a really good reason to spend it :)! So fun! Now, what are you all working on??

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