Saturday, June 4, 2011

My last 4 blocks- woot!!

I almost squealed as I finished up the last of my Bottled Rainbow blocks- can harldy wait to set them all out and see them together :)!!! EEPPP!! I'll have to make a bigger joining stitch cause my squaring-off wasn't as perfect as Rachel's :) ( But that's ok, I am adding a sashing anyway, so it will all turn out lovely! I am so happy I took the plunge and went applique crazy with the "image" in each block- it really became a family quilt that way!
Without further ado--- the last blocks---

Chartruese block- we play LOTs and I mean LOTS of board games around here- some of our favorite family time. So a board game had to be on a block. This one was kinda tricky for me to get the picture in my head that I wanted to be on the fabric. It turned out better than I planned- there are 4 game pieces, dice, a curvy path, and of course, home! Love it!

Then the aqua block- I still need more blues, but this one is not as noticeable ;). Another favorite thing is backyard family baseball games, so this block sports a homerun baseball headed to the sky (top right corner).

The berry block is obviously a cupcake- however, we are not huge fans of cupcakes per se, but we ARE huge fans of chocolate cake with as much chocolate iciing as possible :) Thought a cupcake would be cuter than a 9x13 pan ;) hehe!

Then finally, the jade block has a hammer hiding in it. I have lots of building creative minds around me, and the sound of hammering is a wonderful sound to me- thus this block's design.

By now, I've wound up with too many favorites to list- it has been a really fun project!! I'm grateful to Rachel for the inspiration!! There you have it- all done and ready to lay out all together- I am so excited- off to see my rainbow :)

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  1. I LOVE the images in each block! Great blocks. :)