Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some fabric and a Vintage Tale...

I spent 2 hours, yes, that long, in the biggest quilt shop around yesterday. I went there looking for my Supernova colors (I'm using the awesome already finished quilt along over at!) of sunset and ran all over the store gathering. I love coordinating, it just still takes me forever to decide :). At the end of those 2 hours, I had a wondermous stack of 31 quarter yards of delicious sunset prints- I chose purples, reds, deep pinks, orange, and yellow. I am so excited to make this blanket- sunset is my favorite time of day, after all :) Here's my loot, all set out pretty on my cutting table:

Then I spent the day ordering and getting fabrics online- ash Kona, since I can't find that necessary color at any store in my area (I think I'll just start ordering bolts of it), Remix argyle to back my Bottled Rainbows, a Alexander Henry to bind the Bottled Rainbows, a flannel to make a doll blanket and pillow set for a sweet customer, a green fat quarter bundle for the zig zag quilt- I'll need more still, a huge fat quarter bundle for the Hello Pickles quilt- i'll still need sashing, and still looking for a few others- PINK! I went through my tiny stash and found what aqua and oranges I have for the HST Warm Cool quilt along, so I need a couple more blues and some oranges for that one too. So fun to see so many colors flying everywhere! It's great!

My dear hubby brought this shirt to me yesterday- we've been going through rooms, trying to rid ourselves of anything unnecessary, and this one finally came to that point. He had this shirt when I met him, so it was purchased somewhere way back in the early 90's! It is still in pristine condition- it is one of those shirts that you hardly ever wear beacuse you want to keep it so nice ;). We just couldn't bear to part with it, too many smiles, so it will be cut into squares for a quilt one of these days. I thought that would be the perfect destiny for such a wonderful memory! That's the nice thing about quilts- you can wrap yourself in a whole bunch of memories!

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  1. Hey Candice! I just found your blog through "Stitched in Color." She blogged about your bottled rainbows quilt (amazing!). I'm here because we have the same name! Same spelling! It's always fun to meet other Candices, especially when we have things in common. Stop by my blog and say hi if you get a chance. I've just finished my 3rd (ever!) quilt :)