Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Exercise can kill you...

That's why I just simply don't do it :) HA!! Well, in moderation, exercise is a very good thing, and I need to be better. It's that whole "the kiddos keep me too busy", "I sew during my exercise time", "I hate running" thing :)!!

Growing up, I danced- lots. And I adore dancing still, but over the years I have tried to find some other alternatives to help keep me in shape. Running is NOT an option. Actually, I hate it- there are not many things in life that I will claim to hate, but unfortunately, running is one of them. I like walking, but in the mountains, in over a foot of snow all winter, it doesn't work. And summer gets too dang hot :) hehe! Excuses, excuses, I know :). I like my elliptical, but it fades in time too.

So the one thing that has kept me going- that I started back up today (after our mini vacations in so many rows) is Yoga! I LOVE the stuff! I have many DVDs but my favorite instructor for "my" style is Susanne Deason. I love Amazon too- that's where I buy all her stuff :). So it's a win-win. I get exercise and Amazon makes money.

Today I tried a new DVD and it was a hit! (And no, you will not get a picture of me in my yoga outfit :). )So back on the exercise train I go- and I will create time to sew!! :)

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  1. Good for you! What I'm really curious to know is whether you can make that pose on the cover?! That looks DIFFICULT!