Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh my merci-ness- I WON!!

Ok, let me preface this by saying, I rarely, if ever, win anything I need. Every once in a blue moon I will win a little something cute or fun, but it is hard for me to find a specific use for. Well, Miss Kaelin is having a wonderful quilt along over at and Pink Castle Fabrics sponsored a giveaway for foundation piecing papers. I really needed these since I want to follow along but make a slight variation to the quilt- more of a pickle dish shape in the end- and I don't have a clue how to paper piece! Since I needed them really bad- it's been on my "to buy" list for weeks now- I knew there was no way I could win. Fast forward to today... I went to the mailbox and found this -->

Oh my stars in the morning- for REAL!!!??!!! I was in shock! I flew inside to my computer and went straight to Kaelin's blog. I had been out of town the day she announced the winner but had tried keeping up with blogs on my phone. I think I saw the first winner and didn't even remember that there were 2 winners. What an awesome surprise that was to see my name there! Oh wow! I danced the Happy Dance and proceeded to squeal every few minutes for the rest of the afternoon. Every time I look at my desk, I get all smiley inside :) Thank you so much Kaelin and thank you Brenda of Pink Castle Fabrics!! I can hardly wait to get the fabric together to start!! And I get to learn something new!! Yipee all around!
This is what I have done lately- cut out almost 600 squares for the Hello Pickles quilt I am making using Karen's wonderful instructions! She's over at and she makes some beauties too! Stop on over and see the Christmas version of her original quilt that she's working on for Angela right now- it's YUMMY!! Makes me wish it was Nov.1- yes, I put up my Christmas tree that early :) It takes me 3 days- I have a 12' tree with an insane number of ornaments- so you gotta have some time to enjoy it :)! Sorry, I like tangents...
Then here is my second block for the We Can Do It Skill Builder Sampler quilt along (you can follow along at It is a 9-block square and I wanted to try an O's and X's pattern to mine. It's harder to see with it all being pink, but the all being pink part is important, so that is what it had to be :). I like it, even though it is busy- it's pink, and that's what counts! And I really like the fabrics in this one!
I also got almost 100 green strips cut for Angela's Zig Zag quilt along over at She said I should call it Kermit's Path, and so it is! Love it! It's so sad that I will probably have to explain to it's recipient who Kermit is :)! He may be familiar with him through old VHS's, but so sad he's not still around on tv! It makes me smile and I am so excited to start piecing!!

Back to busy! Make like sunny today!


  1. Love it when that happens, congrats! Looks like you've got some really fun projects going on! :)

  2. Cute blog! I love that fun fabric with the circles and all the bright colors (on the top of the stack there.) What fabric is that?

    Found you on the SS blog site. Looking forward to meeting you!