Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Mail Day :)

I love it when I have a great reason to do the happy dance at the mailbox!! It was one of those days a couple of days ago---I got my Farmer's Wife Sampler book and my Material Obsessions 2 book! I will be making the Gypsy Kisses out of MO2 and will be working (probably forever) on the FWQAL :) It is way over my head, but I like to push myself, so there you go :) I am just having the darndest time picking out fabrics on the internet- gotta get to a LQS soon!Leila's Sampler quilt we are doing over at as a quilt along has been teaching me a lot- for instance, when I think a print is not "too busy" , it usually IS!! hehe! So it is good I am doing it before and as I will be going along on the Farmer's wife too- every little bit helps me :) Here's block 3 from this week! Even though it's busy, I still like it tons! I wanted a pink-a-lious quilt for a little girl, and I'll be getting one :) Love it!

Happy a sunny day and a 4th full of sunshine inside!!


  1. It rocks when your instincts are right. It's all looking lovely my dear.

  2. I love those blocks! Pink = perfect.