Monday, June 20, 2011

Ou la la and a big Oops!

Missing in action again- we wound up having a surprise weekend long vacation for a great- grandma's birthday. It was so nice to get away and just be together- hotels are magical places for kiddos :). So it was good, but now I'm back, ready to get going, big time, on these projects!

I finally have so pretty fabric to show :) Yipee! Here's the home decor weight fabric for the first bag I'm making with help from keep your fingers crossed that it turns out alright- I'm a little nervous to try this :) But with such pretty colors, it will have to be cute!

Then here is the green fabric for the quilt along over with Angela at! I'm doing a boy version of the zig zag quilt and had a request for shades of green, so here they are! Now the tough part is deciding if I dare put it on a white background or a soft green Kona shade. Hmmmm, any opinions???

Then for the Pickles quilt I am making from the lovely tutorial from, I had a request for wild, fun colors! I asked the lovely ladies at to make me an "unafriad of color" bundle, but with less flowers. They were so wonderful to create this group, just perfect and so happy too :)!!
For the We can do it Sampler quilt at, I am going to make an all-pink version- so excited about this! One block a month is completely do-able! Nice steady pace :) So here are my pinks- all ready to go -- yummy!

Then, for the quilt along with Jeni at, we are doing a warm/cool value quilt. On my list of "To make" quilts is an orange/aqua quilt, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! I love some pictures I've seen on Flickr of orange and aqua value blocks, so this will be fun to see a whole quilt like that :)

These two fabrics are both favorites- the trains becuase trains have always been big at my house, and the campers are just perfect! We love camping and these cuties fit right in! I could buy a bolt of these :)
So now, cutting will keep me busy for a year! :) hehe! I have to seriously get busy on cutting to keep up with all my groups- off to Joanns to get a new rotary blade :) And lastly, I was so excited last Wednesday to quilt my Bottled Rainbows quilt. I had thought and thought about it and decided that loops would be a fatastic contrast to the "square-ness" of the blocks. Well, I got about a tenth of the way through and looked at it- it did NOT look good to me- I didn't like the contrast and it made me feel yucky inside. Oh dear! So I turned off the machine and grabbed my lovely seam ripper. I have picked for over 6 hours and have about 1/3 to go- oh dear!! I do not like it when I oops, especially on such a beloved quilt. But it will be the way that looks best by the time it's done- at least it's fixable, right?! :) Oh well, I'll get some more blisters and hopefully have it done by THIS weekend! HA!

Have a great start to the week! And enjoy the sunshine!

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