Friday, September 7, 2012

End of Summer Heaven

At least once every summer, I treat myself.  To what you may ask??  Well, the answer may seem silly, but it's been part of my summer as long as I can remember!  I grew up in the South, the Deep South, where tomatoes are deep red, juicy, all the way down your chin, and you eat them like apples!  Ahhh, the good ole days :)  Now I live in the West, the dry, not "Southern" tomato West.  Yes, they grow tomatoes here, but they are NOT the same.  Every once in a blue moon though, I find a dear someone who grows tomatoes CLOSE to the ones like home :).  I found that this week, and this was my treat...

Mayo, just a titch.
Salt, a titch and a bit.
Pepper, load it on, baby!

big, huge, gigantic slices (as in, at least an inch wide) of 
TOMATOES!!  (as close to "southern" as you can find)!

Serious heaven, I tell ya!  Doesn't get any better- see, half the sandwich is already gone before I could even snap the photo :)  YUMMY!  That's good eatin'---  hmmm, maybe I can eat an early lunch today ;)

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  1. awesome. I rarely fine tomatoes like 'the good old days' but when I do - yum!! Nothing quite like them!