Friday, September 14, 2012


Ok folks, after much research, I figured out the safest and cheapest way to clean the paint up is a pressure washer.  I rented a HOT one from the local rental shop. This was a serious machine- almost as tall as me and so heavy they had to put it on a trailer that I had to rent to bring it home!  I just wanted the chipping paint smoothe enough to be able to effectively paint over.  Well, what an experience!  I got almost done washing the whole thing and was pretty happy with it when I got the nozzle too close, or so I thought, to the camper.  All of a sudden, the paint melted!  I couldn't believe my eyes!!  It was like I was coloring with a gray crayon on a white page- just incredible!  So needless to say, my fun had use begun!  Four hours later, deep into the dark, we finished getting every last drop of paint off!  WOW!  I am still in shock that it all came off!  So here is the new and improved, no more white paint, teensy tiny camper:
So on to the next thing!

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