Thursday, September 13, 2012

My new project!

Well, now, you know I can't go too long without a camper :)  After selling our Blue Zoo, we took our hugungous camping trip this summer with a 5x8 u-haul.  Not a good experience, the u-haul part, that is :)  HA!  Oh, the stories I could tell!!But you'd be here all day, so I will just say that we desperately want another motorhome , but the one we want is way out of our ball park at the moment, and for our "toys", we like to pay cash.  So, the search was on for another option...
I have always wanted to build a house, and since that will most likely never happen, I figure remodeling an old trailer would be close.  I did some on the last one, but not all.  I wanted to do it ALL!!  Oh yes, call me crazy now!!  So weeks ago, I began searching.  Hubby was searching too, just for bigger and better.  I wanted cheap, cute and fun!!  Well, two days ago, I found it!  I went to a wonderful lady's home who actually had 2 for sale.  I was interested mostly in the 1950's Shasta, but after seeing it I knew it would take me years to finish, and I only have a month.  So I looked at the second one and knew it was the one!  The bright orange appliances did it :).  There is no potty, but we can always stick a potty in it- it's pretty much a glorified tent, and since I DON'T do tents, that means I can go camping ;)!  Yippee all around!!  I think this may just keep me busy the next little bit! hehe!  Like I have nothing else to do, but you know, staying ridiculously busy keeps my stress level down, funny but true.  So in the midst of finishing 4 quilts, I will be popping in every few days with the latest renovation post!  We are still searching for the perfect name! You'll soon see that she will have a lovely, quint, beach theme- not "wild and crazy spring break beach", but "calming, black sand and soothing waves beach"-Northern California beach, ahhhhh!  I can hear myself relax already!  Here's my color scheme:
And here is our teensy, tiny trailer:
It's 12 feet long and was dirt cheap.  Thank goodness, so hubby will let me do what I want this time.  So I am going all out with my creativity and tight budget, and it will be stinkin' crazy cute when I get done!

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  1. very cute....why did you get rid of the blue one?