Monday, September 17, 2012

Days C and Quatro

So here's the low down...
Day C was a second coat of white in the morning, then errands getting more paint- the fun happy orange and deep aqua teal paint- and then a third and FINAL white coat in the evening!  I had everyone out helping me on that last coat; we had the music blaring and it was a blast!  I love moments like this- just pure heaven!  That's the whole reason I wanted to do this redo by ourselves, so we could make it fun and US!  
Day Quatro was all about un-tapeing everything that was taped for the white and re-tapeing it the opposite way for the colors.  :)  I was hoping to get to the colors, but life took over and they will have to wait.  Not too long though...  I can hardly wait to see the bright happiness on it!  And my artistic little is making the inside of the door all painted fun!  It makes me smile to see it coming together!  Once the outside gets done, we'll have more cut out for us!  But it is so fun doing it bit by bit and will make camping all the more fun to be part of the whole process of making it OURS :)