Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My favorite dinner and memories...

The love of memories is often coupled with a good, homemade meal.  At least it is for a true Southerner :).  There is something about the smell, the sight, and the taste that can just take you back!  For me, this simple dinner does it!  We always called them "hobo" dinners- usually had around a campfire, but an oven or grill works just dandy too!  Here's the simpleness:
some ground beef- whatever type and fat  your preference is: we love angus, low fat
some onions
maybe some carrots, not in my photos
and spices- could be just salt and pepper, or fancy- I use McCormicks Steak Seasoning when I'm in a hurry :)

Break up the hamburger and chop the onion.  When using carrots, I leave mini carrots whole, but chop larger carrots in smaller pieces.  Put all in foil and heap on the spices!

Wrap tightly with foil and place on hot grill/oven till meat is cooked.  The veggies will be done by default ;).  Open and devour, SLOWLY, enjoying every bit and morsel of yumminess!  Makes good memories, you can count on it!

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  1. Nice and homestyle! And agreed - loads of memories built into our meals!