Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What a Day 5!!

Oh boy, was today busy!  The blue took three coats and the orange took SIX, count em, 6!!!  For serious :)  Here's progress along the way...
One coat of each->
 Two coats of each ->
 Blue done, now on to the orange :)
 All done, tape off!!  Added some wave splashes, stood back and realized the wave looks more like a shark!  HA!!  So I'll be free handing waves instead of a straight blue line tomorrow :)  Go figure :)  And quite a few touch up places needed where the tape took off more than it should have.  Overall, I'm happy so far...
Still lots to do- paint trailer part black.  Get new hub caps, sand and paint wheels, put reflectors and lights back on- make sure they work!, so forth and so on :)  Pushing to get the outside done by this weekend!  Hoping, hoping!