Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Can I Say???!!???

You know those times when you just can't think of words to describe something?? Well, that's how I feel about this past weekend! It almost seems like a dream, but I have the swag to prove it :). So it MUST have been real- oh yes, and some pictures prove it too. See, not a dream! :) hehe!

The sewing classroom- over 50 machines where we all sewed- just gave you goosebumps looking at it all in one spot :)

This past Thursday through Saturday was THE SEWING SUMMIT for me! Oh my wow! Just like I said, what can I say??! It was incredible!! I was soooooooo super nervous but was amazed at how beyond nice everyone was! It was surreal, walking around in the midst of these amazing ladies who know so much, challenge me to learn more, and have such sweet personalities! I was actually able to meet every single person on my "I can't believe I get to meet them" list! And what's more than that is that now I call many of them my friends!! Dear, wonderful friends! That alone would have been enough to make this weekend worth it, but there was oh so much more!

When you share a love of fabric and the creations that can come with it, magical things happen. States and countries melt away, colors blend, and we all become one. From the meals where we visited to the classes where we learned to the late night laughing, it was packed with memories. I went not knowing anyone and came home having tons of friends, knowing so much more about what I love- sewing, and just having such a great feeling about the support and community that quilting is!

Me and Allison of Cluck, Cluck, Sew- oh wow!! And below is one of her free motion quilts- I only free motion quilt and LOVED this class! She's incredible- so much to learn from her!!

It was one of those weekends that has changed how I look at sewing- Miss Amanda (www.Msmacporkchop.blogspot.com- I'll be posting more about her class in the next few days too) made the comment that we can do anything!! I always knew that I could do whatever I set my mind to, but hearing her say it with such amazing conviction and excitement drove it home for me! My project list was huge before I went, but now it has been added to with things that will stetch me even more and make more sunshine in the process!!

So what else can I say??!!?? I was perfect- just what I needed to make me feel what I have wanted to be, an "official" quilter! More to come...


  1. So cool you got to go! Good for you - I'm so pleased it inspired & validated you! ;-)

  2. so good to meet you, I am still wishing it wasn't all over!