Monday, October 17, 2011

Sewing Summit Part 2

Two posts are just not enough, I may need more :) hehe!! I wanted to start with some DEAR friends I made! I didn't get a picture myself, so I had to swipe it from Kaelin. It's amazing how there are just some people that you feel like you've known them forever. This happened quite a few times this weekend! Such amazing ladies :)

This is one of those sewing heroes of mine that I couldn't believe I actually got to meet! It's Miss Jeni from! Wow- I had to pinch myself :). I got to go to her class too- The Art of Choosing Color! It was a great class and she was like Santa Claus to me- let me tell you why... I keep a Christmas Wish List of everyone in my house. I always stick a very few things on for myself just in case hubby *needs* ideas. :) The top thing on my list for this year is a Kona Color Card. It has been on my list since the beginning of the year. I just couldn't swallow getting one- too many other things we needed more :). Well, at the end of Jeni's class, she thanked us all for coming and she also thanked Robert Kaufman. We were all a bit confused and then she said that without them, we wouldn't have so many amazing colors to take home. Before she got to the end of the sentence, I had figured it out. I even whispered to myself, "If she gives us a Kona Color Card, I think I'll freak!" And ya know what?? She pulled out a handful of Kona Color Cards from a huge box and started passing them out. I almost passed out!! I had to get a picture with her and tell her she was my Santa! She's so sweet! Thank you again, Jeni!!!
This is one of my top 3 all-time mini quilts, and I got to see it in REAL LIFE! Swoon :) Wow- and what's even better is that I got to take a class from the lady who made it :)

This is Miss Amanda (! She is incredible and not to mention, just an incredibly happy and positive person! You can't help but smile around her! She taught the class on Marvelous Minis. I have never made a mini- besides a mug rug and my name tag- well, I guess I've made 2- so I was really excited for her thoughts also. It was a great class. I love making full quilts, but there is only so much space to display and showcase them. I really like the mini idea for some of the crazy designs I would like to try but don't have a million years to invest for making a queen size (which is what my quilts normally are :)). She is also one of the two driving forces behind the hit Farmer's Wife! At this point, my Farmer's Wife will have to be a mini :)- hehe- no, I am doing it all, it may take me a L.O.N.G time, but I will work it into everything else :). It was so amazing to be in her class too! Wow!

There were so many moments that seemed unreal for me! So many friends I met and became "real" friends with, and som many wonderful ladies that inspired me and taught me just by what they said! It was an amazing three days- I will definitely be there next year! So much to try and do-- I can hardly wait :)!!

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