Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delighted, Seriously!!!

Yes, sir ree, bob!! I was able to be Delighted!, completely and wholey, this Wednesday! It was Amanda's ( Launch Party, and I got to help! It was a dream come true! These ladies felt like coming home to kindred spirits- they all wrapped their arms around me and took me in. I asked questions and they got to know me too. I told Miss Amanda my dream and she told me to "Do it!" Not an ounce of hesitation or doubt in her voice! I wish her voice was in my head- well, now it is! I have that memory, and it will stay strong! She is a marvelous example of following your dreams and making beautiful things that brighten the lives of so many!!
Every table and window seat was decorated to the hilt! If I could decorate my house this way, I'd be in heaven everyday! All these boys around here would pass out though- teehee! It was so very ME and so very gorgeous! I love her style, the way she makes things feel, and the vintage-y goodness that was there!

This was the old timey candy tables- real live pulled taffy, in colors matching Delighted!, of course!! :) Other treats, and even a wroght iron ferris wheel with little seat cushions made from different Delighted prints! Ouuuuuu!!!

This is the window seat I got to decorate! She told me to make a "picnic", so I did! The old soda bottles she found were the perfect addition to the basket, blanket, flowers, and Delighted!! We had just gotten everything set up when the sun started setting. The light came in the room like in this photo, and it was truly magical! The whole room was full of sunbeams and just glowed! Definitely pure inspiration!! :)

Another window of fun! Miss Amanda appliqued this pick up truck with her fabrics and I fell in love with it! Such stinkin' cute-ness :)

The room from one doorway- you can barely see the row of large pom poms we hung from the ceiling and had huge bows at each swag! It was perfect! I couldn't have imagined more fabulous decorations- It made the evening a dream! So many people came and visited and enjoyed! There were incredible foods, a photo booth :), make and takes that were beyond cute!, necklace designers, fabric giveaways, and so much more!! My Mama came with me- I told her she had to come and see what my fabric craze is about!! It was so fun to have her "see" what my quilting side is like :). Thank you Miss Amanda for letting me help- it was an honor and priviledge! I am grateful to call these ladies friends- and hope to hang with them much more in the future!! So, the moral of the story is, Delighted! Everything about this fabric is wonderful, starting with the lady who designed it!! Grab some up quick- and make something beautiful- it will make someone smile :)

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