Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Find of the YEAR!

It started off as a regular thriftin day for me- a few cardigans and then a couple of pretty yellow pillowcases :) I must say that these yellows were extra bright and I love daisies, so they were happy finds- but hang on...

Then I found a matching sheet and two others that were also very pretty. I tend to go more with the bright, happy colors, not the more dull or "browner" colors. It's just what I am drawn to naturally. They make for happy quilts though :)
But then, as I came down the last rack of sheets, I almost fell in the floor. I saw the brightest, happiest colors ever. I had to check the tag, just to verify that it was vintage- I could hardly believe my eyes! This is so ME!! And I would have never dreamed of a sheet so wonderful in a billion years! I can imagine the little girl who would have loved it years and years ago! It was just WOW!! As I was ouuuu-ing and ahhh-ing over it, my eyes glanced up and saw ANOTHER identical sheet a few down! OH MY GOODNESS! REALLY??!!?? What a day! I grabbed them both and almost ran to the checkout to make sure no one swiped them out of my cart! :) I played it cool and casually walked to the checkout, but as I left the store I was humming a happy tune :)!! Here's one of them haning on my deck (that's half of it).

Here's some close-ups so you can see all the amazing details! It's seriously incredible! Maybe it's just me, but I am soooooooooo excited to cut up the big "scenes" and make the most slendifierous quilt from these! Oh, I can hardly wait (they are washing right now)!

A darling red head and her sweet purple deer- bunny and butterfly on the sidelines :) And love the koala in the tree :)

Look at all these animals!! EEEPPPPPP!! And even a couple of mushrooms too :) I still can't believe how cool it is- oh, the story it will tell in a quilt :)

Then this precious little boy blue and little girl- more animals (a snail even!)! The cuteness is killing me :) So fun! Carrots for the bunny too- even a turtle! A bird, clowers, racoon, and more!!

The trees, plants, the big deer, oh wow! The bluebird- just everything is so darn cute!

And lastly, this sweet little girl- she almost reminds me of Holly Hobby :) Love the frog behind her- sitting on his toadstool- see, cuteness all around!

Maybe I'm nuts, and that's ok, but I think this is my find of the year! It made my day and I am so excited to tell such a fun story with this print! What fun!!


  1. Congrats on your finds! Those are some really awesome sheets you found. I just love thrifting days like the one you had.