Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Challenge and Design Boards

I've been following along with Miss Leila over at for the Sampler quilt along. There was no block this week, just tips and help for designing our own blocks. She challenged us to make a 4x4 block at the end of her post. It's one of those things that I am sure has been created at some point before, since quilting has been around for so long. But since I am new to the art, this is the design I thought of- I am calling it "Intermingling Pinwheels". There are 4 pinwheels, all turing around each other. I love pinwheels, so this just called to me. If anyone knows if this block has an "official" name, I'd love to know it :).

I also saw this darling tute over at - Miss Lori's blog. She is so fun and I love how she makes EVERYTHING c-u-t-e!! It makes me smile. I have already messed up several blocks between the cutting board and my sewing machine- so these mini design boards have come in very handy indeed! I finished them and began using them yesterday! LOVE them! They are 10" square and I am so excited to make more sizes!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine this weekend!

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