Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My little space...

Remember that half-room I was talking about?? Well, here it is, full of my space! As tiny as it is--there's not quite 2 feet of space between my machine table and the cutting table--I ADORE it!! One good thing about tiny is that you don't have to walk far at all to cut, sew, iron, sew, iron, etc! It is crazy how wonderful everything becomes when it feels organized and situated :). I got some of the gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric "sew now, sew wow" for a curtain too! My poor hubby who has to share his office with this has to deal with all the cuteness, and he's being such a terrific sport!

I couldn't find a space for the design wall I had dreamed of, so I had to get creative on this one :). I wound up covering the closet doors with batting, by way of lovely duct tape, and a side wall. It actually gives me quite a bit of space, and I love being able to see what I'm working on :) The supernova blocks are the quilt top I finished last night- I should have pictures this week. Now just to figure out what fabric I want for the backing- I'm having a hard time. I am wanting something with the colors of the sunset in it- deep purples, oranges, reds, deep pinks, golds, etc. If you know of anything like that, give me a holler :) Thanks!
And then my ironing board is in the corner and the cutting table straight ahead. For the cutting table, I took the top of my foldable Joann's cutting table off, and put it on top of some modular drawers and shelves I found at Hobby Lobby (all 40% off, of course). They are not as sturdy as I hoped they would be, but after rigging them pretty good, I am pretty sure they will not cause any problems. My amazing daddy built me a 2x4 box to fill the gap between the modulars and where I wanted the table to hit. It's perfect- and darn heavy :). This is the favorite part of my new room. Since I have storage space, I can keep the top clear and have several projects on the table, cutting, at once! This is a DREAM!!

There you have it folks! Even my scrap hugegungeous Ball jars at the bottom of the table :)!! My space may be small, but it's functional for me, and I am really grateful for it! It has made a big difference in what I can get done, and it gives me a little space to call my own :).

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  1. How lovely and your design wall is beautiful! Looks great. =)