Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take Two

You know how things can just eat at ya- well, that's what this butter churn block did all this weekend. It didn't have enough contrast and I just had to make a new one to get it "right". The old one will become a matching pillow, I think :) Much better--- ahhhhhh.

Then, I have all my thread spools in an antique sewing chest. I love it- it was my Grandmother's, but it is overflowing and I can't find colors I need when I need 'em. So I found these at Joann's , with a sale, of course, and also an extra 10% off coupon! Love a good deal! Fabric is about the ONLY thing I buy that's not on sale :). And I go nuts when it is :). hehe. So these are now hung in my bedroom (I would so love a sewing room - someday) and it is so fun to see all the colors smiling back at me. I can find the color I want now too- added bonus!

Working on lots of quilts this week- hoping to also get the binding handsewn on my Bottled Rainbows quilt- almost there. I finally figured out I wanted to use Annie's Farm Stand to make the Farmer's Wife quilt, but all the prints I want are over $300. Yikes- definitely not within the budget. I've called all my lqs, and none carry that line. Shoot! We'll see what I come up with :)

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