Saturday, July 16, 2011

Supernova Beginnings...

I have been so anxious to start this quilt, but with the others I am working on, I just haven't had enough time. I finally made some time and am so excited with how nicely these huge blocks come together! I love the scale of the blocks and the variety of prints you can use. I have two blocks done- of the nine- and the next one ready to be pieced.
I must admit, I wasn't too crazy about my fabric choices on the first, only for the reason that I am making a "sunset" colors quilt, and the blues came out a little too strong. That's ok, because the second block turned out exactly as I had pictured in my mind for this quilt. I think the blues will just blend in once I get all the blocks made. I can hardly stop making these blocks so I can see how the next one will turn out. You use a wild formula of which piece in your chosen series goes where, and they wind up looking a bit different than you think they will initially, on paper. But that's the fun and surprise of it. I am loving it!!

I am so thrilled that Lee made this quilt along available over at so I could have my perfect sunset quilt!! It's my favorite time of day, you see. So have a happy sunset today- I am excited to get my tangible sunset finished soon!

PS- been switching around rooms in the house the past 3 days- almost have a little space for me (half of a room, but I am sooooo grateful for that half) and my sewing! Yipee!!

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