Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To err is human, but really frustrating on a quilt!

Nothing went wrong that wasn't fixable, but oh the time and back pain :) lol!

I happily got the back of the birdie quilt cut, sewed, and laid out to sandwich (making sure I laid it on the correct side). On went the batting, then the quilt top... Then I sprayed with my sticky spray and then 122 pins. I was so excited to be done, before all the kiddos were up and running around! Then I began folding it up so I could have it ready to machine quilt, and lo and behold, the backing was WRONG SIDE OUT!! For real?!!?? Are you kidding me?? Oh, am I EVER human today :) HA! So unpinning I went- so much for the kiddos not being up at that point! Pinning is back killing, for anyone who has not pinned before- you try not to lean or sit on the quilt, as to not rumple it, so the leaning over is rough :). Got everything un pinned, un sandwiched, flipped over, re-sandwiched, repinned, and voila! Whew!! Now it's ready to be quilted- with about an hour detour in there! I can promise that will never happen again (but alas, I don't know if it would suprise me if it does :))!

Hope everyone has a wonderful middle of the week- and make sure you put the quilt backing on the floor with the right side up :)

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  1. Shoot! Well it sure is adorable. Sorry about the back pain. I can imagine. :/